AJAX Configuration

As of version 1.4, search forms can be configured to use AJAX queries instead of the traditional request method.
Enabling AJAX for your search can provide users with a more seamless experience by not requiring a full page reload to show results. AJAX configuration is set by extending the ‘form’ section of your arguments array like so:

$args['form']['ajax'] = array(
// arguments here

Be aware that using an AJAX-enabled search requires a different approach to setting up your page templates. See this page for templating instructions.

Available Parameters:

(boolean) true / false
Context: Turns AJAX mode on or off
Default: false
Context: Sets custom text for the "load more" button
Default: "Load More Results"
Context: Specifies whether to show an initial list of search results on page load according to your search defaults
Default: true
(string) Complete URL to the image file
Context: Sets a custom loading graphic to be displayed while results are loading
Default: None
Context: Specifies the template to use for displaying search results
Default: Defaults to the framework's example template located in templates/template-ajax-results.php