WP Advanced Search is designed to work in conjunction with several popular WordPress plugins. Important details regarding these plugins are listed below.

Advanced Custom Fields

WP Advanced Search can be used to search custom fields created using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. Note: ACF stores the values of some fields as arrays in the database. Typically if you have an ACF that is multi-option (checkbox, select, etc.) its values are stored as an array. Searching these types of fields requires special configuration of your meta_key field in WPAS.

If you are searching fields which are stored as arrays in the database, you must use the following arguments in your meta_key field’s configuration:

'data_type' => 'ARRAY<CHAR>',
'compare' => 'LIKE'


WP Advanced Search can be used in conjunction with the Relevanssi plugin. As of version 1.4, no configuration is needed to integrate WPAS with Relevanssi. If Relevanssi is installed and active on your site, any keyword search queries will be parsed through Relevanssi automatically. Please be advised that while Relevanssi does work in conjunction with WPAS the majority of the time, it has led to unpredictable results for some users and should be used with caution.